Now Available: Project Spark Update – Legendary Arsenal

Check out some new items that are available for Project Spark thanks to the Legendary Arsenal Update, taken from the Project Spark forum:



Tired of goblins raiding your village? Are zombies refusing to stay down? Then you need the Legendary Arsenal!
Visit the renowned Legendary Blacksmith and acquire swords and axes imbued with the elemental powers of Fire, Earth, Ice, and Wind! Bring weapons enhanced with Kodite crystals to your next skirmish and show those pesky goblins and zombies who’s boss!
Features include:


  • All-new Brute-sized Blacksmith Character
  • Customize melee attacks with a new Blunt Attack Weapon
  • Over 40 all-new Props, Sounds, and Assemblies
  • New Library Brains turn normal weapons into Magical Weapons


  • Equip all-new Weapons to activate Magical Attacks
  • Equip the Blacksmith’s Hammer to perform Blunt Melee Attacks
  • Activate Blunt Attack Animations for Humans, Goblins, and more!
  • Crossroads: Add the Legendary Arsenal workshop to your game
  • World Wizard: Play as the Brute-sized Blacksmith

Stay tuned to G4X for all of your Xbox news.


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