July Update Now Available For Preview Users

The July update is now available for preview users.

Just hit Update that’s found in your Settings > System Menu.

Details for the update can be found below:
Welcome to the Xbox One July update preview! The 1407 wave brings a new feature that might get the Achievement hunter in you excited, as well the ability for some regions to choose your spoken language model to fit your preference. We’re also doing some early work to enable new ways to offer content via bundles and compilation discs, and a special Game DVR clip on SmartGlass can now get your stamp of approval with a Like.

Key features in the July update preview:

  • Snap Mode for Achievements. You can now track your Achievement progress in real time without ever leaving the game. You can also keep track of important Achievements by moving them to the top, or get the edge on any tough Achievement with a new feature that will scan the web for you and deliver relevant tips and strategy content right to your TV. Tell us what you think in the new Achievements App forum!
  • Double-tap to Snap: You’ve been able to switch between main and snapped apps with a quick double-tap of the Xbox button, but now you can pull up the Snap Center using the same press if you don’t already have an app snapped. Perfect for pulling up that new Achievement App!
  • Choice of Spoken Language. In New Zealand, Ireland, or Austria? You’ll now be able to select voice control using English or German models from other countries. Are you an expat living in an English speaking county? You can now choose any of the English models to fit you!
  • Like Game DVR Clips in SmartGlass. With the latest SmartGlass beta, we’re adding the ability to “like” your favorite Game DVR clips, as well as your friend’s Activity Feed posts. So go ahead, give that special moment a like!

Stay tuned to G4X for all of your Xbox news.


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