Watch Dogs cTOS App Released

Ubisoft has released a free standalone app called cTOS for mobile phones & tablets for it’s newly released game, Watch Dogs.

The app has ” two primary ways to play with your friends on console and PC: Race and Free Ride. Both modes are adversarial, pitting the console/PC player against the mobile player. On the console/PC, the player must race from checkpoint to checkpoint. Every time a checkpoint is passed, more time is added back to the clock. The goal is to reach the final checkpoint before time runs out.

On the mobile app, the player is doing everything in his power to thwart his adversary. How so? By hacking into the city via a top-down map, triggering blockers, setting off explosions and causing all kinds of mayhem. Using ctOS Mobile, the player can also attack from above via a helicopter (complete with a sniper); and he can send the local police into hot pursuit.

The differences between Race and Free Ride? With Races, the distances between checkpoints are shorter and the GPS is on for the console/PC player. With Free Ride, the distances are wider and the GPS is off by default. “It’s a bit harder and it’s more tactical,” Baude says about Free Ride. In both modes, the mobile player wins if he can stop his foe from reaching all the checkpoints.”

For more info about the app and what devices it is compatible with, check out the Ubisoft blog post detailing it.  Stay tuned to G4X for all your Xbox news.


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