XB1: June System Update

Major Nelson released a video describing the big update in June, you can watch it or read our summaries of each feature below the the video:


External Storage

It’s finally here, the external storage support!  The compatibility of the external storage is that it must be USB 3.0, with at least 265 gb on the hard drive.  You can use a maximum of two external hard drives simultaneously.  The max limit of the combined external storage is 16 TB.  Once You plug it into the console, it will recognize that you plugged it up and ask you if you would like to format the device.  If you agree, then you can name the external drive (up to 15 characters).  After you name it, it will become the default storage for all the content you download.  When you run out of space, it will automatically switch back to the Xbox One internal drive to store your downloads.  You can move your already downloaded games from your internal storage to your external storage, by going to your apps, clicking the “hamburger” button and selecting manage game.  Moving the game over to the external storage, allows you to unplug the device and take it to a friends house where you can then plug it up and sign in to access the games stored without having to download them onto the other console (please note, if it’s a disc game, you will still need the disc as well to access the game).

Major Nelson was using this Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 in the video above.


Real Name Feature

This feature will allow you to share your real name with friends.  The first time you launch the friends app after the June update, it will ask you if you would like to set up name sharing (you can opt out of it if you would like).  If you do set up name sharing, it will let you edit the name before moving to the next step.  You can then select which of your friends see your real name.  You can also share your name with friends of friends.  Followers that follow you on Xbox Live that are not your friend, will only see you as your gamer-tag unless you add them back.


Smart Glass Update

There is a huge update to the Smart Glass app.  You can organize your pins, by dragging and dropping them now.  The activity feed is now on the home screen on the app.  The app will also notify you if any of your friends begin broadcasting on Twitch and if you act on the notification, it will start the twitch broadcast so you can view it.  The OneGuide will now be available on the smart glass so you will be able to see the TV listings on your smart glass device.  There will also be a universal remote control within the app so you can control your TV experience as well as any AV components that you may have.


Auto Sign-In Feature

You will be able to go into the settings then preferences and configure your Xbox One to automatically sign-in to one account when it starts up or comes out of stand-by mode.


Apps From Behind The Pay Wall

You can now access apps on your Xbox devices such as Netflix and Hulu without having a Xbox Live Gold account.


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